Pay Per Click Advertising Camoaigns

PPC-Pay-Per-Click[1]Russian Bear provides PPC (pay-per click) solutions  to those companies who need fast and instant 1st place presence on Google, Yah
oo, Bing and MSN. While we’re strong believers that SEO provides the greatest ROI ultimately, managing a PPC campaign may not be such credibly and  low-cost, but for sure is the easiest way of generating leads and monetizing a website really fast. Most other PPC management companies just make some ads within your monthly budget, write texts for it and place autopilot with it. Our aim is always to and optimize your advertising budget by regularly reviewing the Ads performance, ROI and so on. Making changes if needed or giving advice  what to change on your website to increase the conversion.


  • PPC Campaign setup
  • Bid management
  • Budget management
  • Keyword research
  • Ad creation and ad copy
  • Ad analysis. 
  • Campaign consultations
  • Account managers
  • Competitive analysis
  • Click fraud monitoring
  • Other suggestions that may improve Ads conversion
  • Changes, if needed, after analysis.